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Light Tower

Solar powered light tower with LED lamps and a mechanical mast.

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Features & benefits

  • 1. Safety- Lightweight masts reaches its maximum height of 6.1 meters and can rotate 359 (degrees) in mere seconds
  • 2. High productivity – For many applications, regions and seasons no extra charging is needed. During winter an external charge connection is provided. The QLTS has an overall lifetime of 35,000 hours.
  • 3. Reliability – The photocells on/off operation can be paried with a motion senser for increased on site security, as well as this, the high quality components and robust design.
  • 4. Sustainable – Produces no noise, no emissions, no exhaust fumes or CO2. The QLTS requires no additional fuel, oil or coolant.
  • 5. Performance – No warming up is required. To reduce light pollution an automatic photocell turns the unit on or off depending on light conditions. The QLTS has the lowest total cost of light tower ownership.

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