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Portable Small Air Compressor

Small Air Compressor XAS 187

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Powered by Ashok Layland, Cummins diesel engines, Atlas Copco’s small portable air compressor range are compact, efficient, economical and easy to operate. They give you a reliable source of compressed air to drive your pneumatic tools, as well as your high free air delivery applications such as sandblasting. For certain models an optional integrated 6.5 or 12 kVA generator provides additional power for welding, lighting, heating, site instruments and power tools. All small air compressor models comply with current regulations concerning safety, exhaust emissions and noise.

Customer benefits

1. Ease of operation – All controls are located on a single panel for quick access and smooth operation.

2. Long-lasting – Body parts are made of powder-coated steel for excellent corrosion resistance. The canopy can also be supplied in highly impact-resistant HardHat™ polyethylene.

3. High efficiency – The combination of an efficient Ashok Layland & Cummins engine and the high performance Atlas Copco compressor element guarantees outstanding efficiency and reduced wear.

4. Low operational cost, high fuel autonomy – All models are fitted with a stepless, fully automatic regulator. This constantly varies the engine speed according to air demand, reducing fuel consumption. The high capacity fuel tank allows to work a full shift without the need to refuel.

5. Easy to service – You can remove the side panels, front and rear baffle in seconds, while self-supporting gas struts lift the hood in one piece. The result is fast service access to accelerate maintenance and reduce downtime.

6. Low cost of ownership – The tough, impact-resistant canopy resists damage and corrosion, eliminating the time and cost of repair and repaint jobs.
Technical Specifications
Normal effective working pressure
100 - 175 psi
Air flow (FAD)
161 - 385 cfm
Sound power level
85 dB(A)
Ashok Layland W04D, W04CT, Cummins 6B75-9c, Mahindra MD11895B
880 - 1850 kg
2702 mm to 4170 mm
1500 mm to 1700 mm
1435 mm to 1764 mminch

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