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Portable Medium Air Compressor

Medium Air Compressor XAH 236

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Atlas Copco’s Ashok Layland, Cummins & Mahindra portable compressor range are designed to give you reliability and a fast return on investment. They are suitable for applications as diverse as the installation of fiber optic cables, abrasive blasting, small hole drilling and general construction work. All models are available in versions that meet the latest exhaust emission and noise directive criteria.

Customer benefits

1. Excellent fuel economy – With the Ashok Layland, Cummins & Mahindra engine management system you get the best fuel economy in class.

2. Low Total Cost of Ownership – You can achieve even lower fuel consumption with the addition of the innovative FuelXpert™ system, which electronically regulates engine speed and the air inlet valve to optimize fuel consumption.

3. Highly reliable for many years of troublefree operation.

4. Easy to transport and maneuver on site.

5. Safe for your operators and for the environment.

6. Low noise and exhaust emissions – Size 1.5 compressors satisfy international standards and can operate in the vicinity of hospitals, schools and residential areas, even at night.

7. Short service downtime – Their practical design with easy service and maintenance access reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Normal effective working pressure
150 psi to 250 psi
Air flow (FAD)
400 cfm - 675 cfm
Sound power level
95 dB(A)

Ashok Laylang, HA4CTI, 6DTi, Cummins 6BTA5.9, Cummins 6BTA8.3, Mahindra Navystar 6.12 TCA
1668 to 3400Kg
3150 mm to 4321 mm
1450 mm to 2045 mm
1800 mm to 2160 mm

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