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Air Receiver

Compressed air tank 0.5 - 10 mtr3 | HTA series

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Product applications:
for compressed air

Min.: 500 l (132.09 gal)
Max.: 3000 l (792.52 gal)
Max.: 40 bar (580.15 psi)
This is an innovative high pressurized air receiver by Atlas Copco to meet the intense demands of compressed air. This equipment helps in generating compressed air and allows to make them available readily and consistently. The USP of this equipment is that it works within reasonable cost bracket and avoids the implementation of undue loading or unloading of cycles, consequently raising the life and quality of the compressor.

HTA comes across as a suitable solution for meeting the requirement of high pressure applications. It renders galore of benefits and works efficiently in the temperatures range of 10°C/14°F to +55°C/131°F to make the air compressed.

Known for its high-end reliability, HTA is compliant with dynamics of various calculations of finite elements, pulsations, stress and vibrations. It comes in safe size and is able to match the design pressure of 45 bar. With strong and sturdy construction, this equipment can be easily installed.

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